How can I reduce resonances with TMC5xxx / 2xxx family drivers

I experience resonances in my application. How can I reduce them?

To reduce vibration mechanically and by motion control:
* Quickly pass resonance frequencies during acceleration
* Add rubber dampeners

You can work with stealthChop or spreadCycle - what works better for your application?

* Optimize for a small BBM time. You can check sine wave via a current probe. A too high BBM time will lead to a discontinuity in the sine wave.
* StealthChop is noiseless at low velocities, but it cannot dampen the motor's own resonances.
* Add flywheel mass on the motor to dampen the motor at medium and high velocities.

* First tune spreadCycle as described in AN001
* Use small TOFF (e.g. 3)
* Try passive dampening (TMC516x option)
* Play with BBM-timing. Sometimes a longer BBM time reduces ringing by adding dampening to the system.

Please check each item on a scale of better/worse/no influence and then select the best measures.

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