What is the overall lifecycle of your products?

  • TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG is a fabless semiconductor company with leading products for motor and motion control. Our integrated circuits and module level products are designed for the industrial and medical market. A strong focus of TRINAMIC is the longevity of its product portfolio. To achieve this goal, we are working together with worldwide leading semiconductor foundries and packagers. 
    Many of our existing customers benefits from the longevity of our products. Especially our medical customers. The product lifetime requirement in the medical market is typically >10 years because most of the end products have to pass e.g. FDA qualification. 
  • In case of a product change (PCN) or discontinuation (EOL), we follow the JEDEC-46/-48 standard procedures and will inform our distributors & customers transparent about the maintenance or schedule last time buy option.

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